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+ The Cost of Black Hair with Dr. Tamara Gilkes Borr

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Tamarra James-Todd and Dr. Tamara Gilkes Borr as they discuss the cost of Black hair.

Episode Notes

How do the pervasive Eurocentric beauty ideals in our culture cost people not only financially, but socially and physically? In this episode, our guest Dr. Tamara Gilkes Borr, US policy correspondent at the Economist and author of “I spent thousands on chemical straightening”: the price of having black hair in a white world  joins Dr. Tamarra James-Todd to unpack this question. Intersectionality again plays a big role as these beauty ideals are a much larger burden on Black women and other folks whose identities do not align with the standard of beauty. Tamara also shares why she’s hopeful about the beauty justice movement and where she’s already seeing change.

Dr. Tamara Gilkes Borr is the US policy correspondent at The Economist where she produces content about the intersection of education, politics, race, and culture. She has a PhD in education from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree in journalism from New York University. Tamara has served as an education policy advisor for several organizations, including a presidential campaign. You can follow Tamara and her work here: Website- and Twitter- @TamaraGilkes

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